209 DAYS


--March 13 Statement--

Andrew Kishner

Since beginning my career as an anti-nuclear activist in 2006, I have spearheaded focused campaigns ranging from stopping Divine Strake to the cessation of subcritical nuclear tests. The next U.S. subcritical test is planned for this August, three months after the G7 Summit in May in Hiroshima, Japan. Recent headlines about the Summit, including a 'likely' commitment by G7 leaders to visit the Hiroshima Peace Museum and a five-day no-fly zone, give the appearance of a clear and open mind to bear witness to the memory and lessons of nuclear holocaust. However, the U.S.'s August 'nuclear test' (as hibakusha leaders dub subcritical tests) signals a less-than-comprehensive intention to support a nuclear weapons-free world. I am not convinced that President Biden will do the right thing, therefore moral clarity on the issue of subcritical nuclear tests is one or more Presidential elections away.

In anticipation of the U.S.'s cancellation of subcritical tests, I am announcing that my next campaign will be advocating for a ban on all nuclear power sources in space. I will be building on my scholarship from NuclearCrimes.org and my recent successes.